Altrincham Rehabilitation ready to start!

Altrincham Rehabilitation will initially provide a service of physiotherapy and occupational therapy at home.

The service starts from the initial phone call a client or their  family/carer makes when enquiring about our service. The client will be offered a brief description of our service, availability and prices. And a few questions will be asked to establish the present complain, pre medical history and the clients’ expectations.

If the client is interested an initial assessment will be booked as soon as possible.

The initial assessment can take as long as one and a half hour
and aims to identify the clients’ main problems. This will include a report of the clients’ presentation, describing the problem, the history of the problem and other medical history and the social situation. It will detail using suitable outcome measures the extend of the problem and it will aim to identify any links, possible causes for particular problems. And it will conclude with a treatment plan that will work towards any short and long term goals as set in co-operation with the client.

Part of the assessment could include any special measurements and the use of pictures/video with the client’s permission of course.