The first clinic in the North West to offer Free Assessmentfor Saebo.

The next assessment day will be in January. Please contact us if you would like to be assessed or to find out more.

Call now (0161) 222 7879 

Altrincham Rehabilitation’s Saebo qualified therapist can also come to you and let you have a trial at home

Click here to find out if you are a suitable candidate for Saebo

Clients can now try Saebo products FIRST before deciding if they are right for them. Altrincham Rehabilitation uses an effective assessment tool used to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the Saebo program. The Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist can fit you with a perfect fitting device.

  • Determine which device is more appropriate for you( SaeboFlex vs. SaeboReach)
  • Feel comfortable knowing that you are a good candidate for the device before ordering
  • Give you the benefit of “test-driving” the device before committing
  • Highly experienced therapists to assess and treat you
  • Try the SaeboStretch

See a short feature on the BBC regarding the use of the Saebo Flex

 BBC Article

Henry Hoffman, co-founder of Saebo, discusses what the Saebo program consist of as well as who is a suitable candidate.