Saebo Reach

What is the SaeboReach ?

The SaeboReach not only incorporates the affected wrist and hand but also the elbow. The orthosis consists of the SaeboFlex and an above-elbow component. The SaeboReach is ideal for neurologically impaired individuals that have hand and elbow involvement.

Because function does not stop at the wrist and hand

The custom fabricated above-elbow cuff, as well as the dynamic elbow extension system, allows patients to incorporate their elbow for functional reach during grasp and release activities. The SaeboReach orthosis, along with repetitive, task oriented activities, is a highly effective strategy for maximizing arm and hand recovery.

The Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist from Altrincham Rehabilitation will be able to fit you with the perfect size SaeboReach.

Call now to book for a ‘fitting and test-drive’ of the SaeboReach. (0161-222 7897)


The last part (36 sec) of this video demonstrates the use of the SaeboReach


For more info and other SaeboReach videos go to the Saebo Website and check out the video library for ‘before & after’ footage.

Another interesting website is Barb Polan’s blog called ‘Barbs Recovery’ where she describes her recovery from her stroke and the use of the SaeboReach